First 16 Reveal

My guesses for today’s top 16 reveal.

1- Villanova, Virginia, Xavier, and Cincinnati

-The first 3 were easy. That fourth spot is totally up for grabs. Could go about 5 different ways. If Purdue would have beat Michigan St. it would have been them. Michigan St. just doesn’t have enough quality wins for me.

2- Duke, Kansas, Purdue, and Texas Tech

Texas Tech could be a 1, or could be a 3, it really depends on what metrics the committee is using. Duke and Kansas have the top 50 wins to put them on the 2 line and Purdue has been great, despite going 0-2 this week. The Big 10 being down hurts their shot at a 1.

3- Michigan St., Auburn, Clemson, and UNC

Michigan St. got a big win yesterday. Without it I had them as borderline not being in the top 16 despite the great W-L record. Auburn, and Clemson both have good records but need a few more top 50 wins. UNC helped themselves getting a big top 50 win against Duke.

4- Tennessee, Gonzaga, Ohio St. and Arizona

Ohio St. might have the biggest turn around since the season started. They weren’t even in my bracket after the first month. Again a weak Big 10 has hurt their seed. Gonzaga gets into the 4 line with Oklahoma and WVU losing yesterday and Bulldogs getting a win against St. Mary’s. I see them dropping out of the top 16 by season’s end, as other school get a lot more chances to add quality wins. Arizona is the big question mark for me. This last spot could go a number of different ways. Rhode Island fans would like a spot but they lack enough quality wins to get a top 16 spot.

First 2 out West Virginia, and Oklahoma


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