NCAA Bracket Update #2

Oregon and Miami had the worst week when it comes to dropping in my rankings. With a weak Pac-12 Oregon may have done some real damage to their tournament hopes. Miami will have plenty of chances for quality wins, but Oregon only has Arizona St. and Arizona at this point. My top 3 seed lines saw very little movement. Michigan is climbing their way up to a #1 seed.

1 Seed-  Duke, Kansas, Virginia, Gonzaga

2 Seed- Nevada, Michigan +1, Michigan St., Auburn +1

3 Seed- Tennessee -1, North Carolina -1,  Texas Tech, Wisconsin

4 Seed- Florida St., Virginia Tech, Nebraska +2, Iowa St. +2

5 Seed-  Ohio St., Kansas St., Kentucky +1, Purdue -1

6 Seed-  Mississippi St., Arizona St. +2, Buffalo +4., Villanova -1

7 Seed- Indiana, Syracuse, Texas, NC State +2

8 Seed- Florida, Creighton, Maryland +1, Clemson -1

9 Seed- West Virginia, Iowa, Arizona NEW, Syracuse -2

10 Seed- Houston, Butler -2, Cincinnati +1, Oklahoma +1

11 Seed- Marquette, Miami -7, Utah St. NEW, UCF -1, Minnesota -1, St. John’s NEW

12 Seed- St. Louis, Belmont, Furman, Loyola-Chicago

13 Seed- South Dakota St., Western Kentucky, Northeastern +1, Lipscomb +3

14 Seed- Montana, Cal St., New Mexico St., Harvard, Radford +2, Georgia St. -1

15 Seed- UC Irvine, Vermont, Abilene Christian -2, Montana -1, Cal. St. -1

16 Seed- St. Francis-PA, Lehigh, Texas Southern, Norfolk St., Rider -1, Northern Kentucky -1

First Four Out: Oregon, Louisville, LSU, and Arkansas


NCAA Bracket (1st Update)

Feast week was awesome! A lot of really good early tournaments, the Maui title game was the icing on the cake (honorable mention Kansas/Tennessee). Much has changed since my first bracket, but we still have a long way to go. The NET rankings came out today, and I used them very minimally for my projections as it is way too early to come to any conclusions. First glance, road wins seem to have a little more weight than they did in the RPI.

Here is my way to early 2019 bracket

1 Seed-  Duke, Kansas, Virginia, Gonzaga +1

2 Seed- Tennessee, North Carolina -1, Nevada +1, Michigan St. +1

3 Seed- Michigan +2, Texas Tech +5, Auburn +1, Wisconsin +3

4 Seed- Florida St., Purdue +1, Virginia Tech +2, Miami +4

5 Seed-  Villanova -4, Oregon +1, Ohio St. NEW, Kansas St. -2

6 Seed-  Mississippi St., Iowa St. +2, Kentucky -5, Nebraska +2

7 Seed- Indiana, Clemson -3, Syracuse -4, Texas -2

8 Seed- Butler +1, Florida -3, Creighton +2, Arizona St. NEW

9 Seed- Maryland, West Virginia -5, Iowa NEW, NC State +1

10 Seed- Houston, UCF NEW, Buffalo +2, Minnesota NEW

11 Seed- Marquette -4, Cincinnati -4, St. Johns NEW, Oklahoma NEW, Northwestern NEW, Seton Hall NEW

12 Seed- St. Louis, Belmont, Furman, Loyola-Chicago

13 Seed- South Dakota St., Western Kentucky, Georgia St., Abilene Christian

14 Seed- Montana, Cal St., Northeastern, New Mexico St., Harvard

15 Seed- UC Irvine, Rider, Northern Kentucky, Vermont

16 Seed- Lipscomb, Radford, St. Francis-PA, Lehigh, Texas Southern, Norfolk St.




2019 NCAA Bracket

Here is my way to early 2019 bracket

1 Seed-  Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Virginia

2 Seed- Kentucky, Villanova, Tennessee, Gonzaga

3 Seed- Nevada, Kansas St., Michigan St., Syracuse

4 Seed- West Virginia, Clemson, Auburn, Florida St.

5 Seed- Purdue, Michigan, Texas, Florida

6 Seed- Oregon, Wisconsin, Mississippi St., Virginia Tech

7 Seed- Indiana, Marquette, Cincinnati, TCU

8 Seed- Miami, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Iowa St.

9 Seed- Washington, Maryland, UCLA, Butler

10 Seed- LSU, Creighton, NC State, Houston

11 Seed- Penn St., Providence, Western Kentucky, Louisville, Xavier, San Diego St.

12 Seed- St. Louis, Illinois State, Buffalo, Harvard

13 Seed- South Dakota St., Vermont, Georgia St., Rider

14 Seed- Montana, Cal St. Fullerton, Northeastern, UNC Greensboro

15 Seed- Colgate, Belmont, Wright St., Grand Canyon

16 Seed- Winthrop, Liberty, St. Francis-PA, Stephen Austin, Texas Southern, NC Central

Final Bracketology

The bubble got a lot smaller this weekend with upsets in a few of the conference tournaments. Davidson beating Rhode Island knocked another team off the bubble, and into the NIT. I do not believe the Houston/Cincinnati game will change seeding. So here it goes!


Last Four In: St. Bonaventure, UCLA, Texas, Arizona St

Last Four Out: St Mary’s, Louisville, Middle Tennessee, Syracuse

1 Seeds-  Villanova, Virginia, Kansas, Xavier

2 Seeds- Duke, UNC, Cincinnati, Purdue

3 Seeds- Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan St, Arizona

4 Seeds-  Auburn, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Wichita St

5 Seeds-  Kentucky, Gonzaga, Clemson, Houston

6 Seeds- Ohio St, Miami, Florida, Arkansas

7 Seeds- Texas A&M, TCU, Missouri, Seton Hall,

8 Seeds- Va. Tech, Nevada, Providence, Rhode Island

9 Seeds- Kansas St, Butler, Creighton, Alabama

10 Seeds-  NC State, Oklahoma, Florida St, USC

11 Seeds-  St Bonaventure, UCLA, Texas, Arizona St, Loyola Chicago, New Mexico St.

12 Seeds- Murray St, San Diego St, South Dakota St. Buffalo

13 Seeds- UNC-Greensboro, Davidson, Charleston, Marshall

14 Seeds-  Montana, Bucknell, Wright State, Stephen F Austin

15 Seeds- Georgia St, Lipscomb, Penn, Iona

16 Seeds- UMBC, Cal St-Fullerton, LIU-Brooklyn, Radford, NC Central, Texas Southern

Bracketology Week 17

IN: Baylor

OUT: Louisville

Last Four In: Alabama, Baylor, Providence, USC

Last Four Out: Syracuse, Louisville, Oklahoma St., LSU

1 Seeds-  Villanova, Virginia, Xavier, Kansas

2 Seeds- Duke, UNC, Purdue, Auburn

3 Seeds- Cincinnati, Michigan St., Tennessee, Michigan ((+3) Conf. Champs)

4 Seeds-  Texas Tech, Clemson, Wichita St., West Virginia

5 Seeds-  Gonzaga, Kentucky, Arizona, Ohio St.

6 Seeds- Texas A&M (+1), Houston, Miami (+4), Florida (+2)

7 Seeds- TCU (-1), Rhode Island (-3), Seton Hall, Arkansas (+1)

8 Seeds- Va. Tech (+2), Nevada (-1), Creighton (-1), Missouri (+2)

9 Seeds- Oklahoma, St. Bonaventure, Florida St. (-2), NC State (+1)

10 Seeds-  Butler (-2), St. Mary’s (-1), Kansas St. (+1), Arizona St. (-2)

11 Seeds-  Texas (+1), USC,  UCLA, Providence, Baylor (NEW), Alabama (-2)

12 Seeds- Loyola-Chicago (Conf. Champs), New Mexico St., Middle Tennessee (-1), Murray St ((+1)Conf. Champs), 

13 Seeds- Buffalo, Vermont, South Dakota St., La. Lafeyette (-1)

14 Seeds-  Montana, Charleston, East Tennessee St., Bucknell (+1)

15 Seeds- UC Santa Barbara, Penn, Wright St (New), Wagner (+1)

16 Seeds- Hampton, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Radford (NEW-Conf. Champs), Nicholls St., Lipscomb (NEW-Conf. Champs), Rider (New)


Bracketology Week 16

IN: Louisville

OUT: Washington

Last Four In: UCLA, Texas, Louisville, and USC

Last Four Out: Baylor, Syracuse, Washington, and Mississippi St.

1 Seeds-  Villanova, VirginiaXavier, Kansas (+1)

2 Seeds- Auburn (-1), Duke, UNC, Purdue

3 Seeds- Texas Tech, Michigan St., Cincinnati, Tennessee

4 Seeds-  Rhode Island, Clemson, Wichita St., West Virginia (+1)

5 Seeds-  Gonzaga, Kentucky (+1), Arizona (-1), Ohio St.

6 Seeds- Nevada, TCU (+1), Michigan, Houston (-1)

7 Seeds- Florida St., Texas A&M (-1), Creighton (+1), Seton Hall (+1)

8 Seeds- Arizona St. (-1), Arkansas, Butler (+1), Florida (+1)

9 Seeds- Oklahoma (+2), Alabama (-1), St. Mary’s, St. Bonaveture

10 Seeds-  Va. Tech, Miami, NC State (+1), Missouri (-2)

11 Seeds-  Middle Tennessee St., USC (+1),  UCLA, Kansas St. (-1), Providence (-1)

12 Seeds- Loyola Chicago, La. Lafeyette (+1),  Louisville (NEW), New Mexico St., Texas (-1)

13 Seeds- Murray St., Buffalo (-1), Vermont, South Dakota St. (+1)

14 Seeds-  Montana, Charleston, East Tennessee St. (-1), Rider (+1_

15 Seeds- Bucknell, UC Santa Barbara, Penn (+1), Northern Kentucky (-1)

16 Seeds- Hampton (NEW), Arkansas Pine Bluff (NEW), Wagner, UNC Asheville (NEW), Nicholls St. (NEW), Florida Gulf Coast (-1)

Bracketology Week 15 Update

IN: UCLA, USC, and Washington

OUT: Syracuse, Baylor, and Louisville

Last Four In: UCLA, USC, Washington, and Oklahoma

Last Four Out: Marquette, Baylor, Syracuse, and Lousville

1 Seeds-  Villanova, VirginiaXavier, Auburn (+1)

2 Seeds- Kansas (-1), Duke, UNC, Purdue (+1)

3 Seeds- Texas Tech, Michigan St., Cincinnati (-1), Tennessee (+1)

4 Seeds-  Arizona, Rhode Island, Clemson (-1), Wichita St. (+1)

5 Seeds-  Gonzaga, Houston (+4), West Virginia (-1), Ohio St. (-1)

6 Seeds- NevadaKentucky, Texas A&M, Michigan (+3)

7 Seeds- Arizona St., Florida St., Alabama (+1), TCU (+1)

8 Seeds- Seton HallCreighton (-1), Missouri (-1), Arkansas (+1)

9 Seeds- Florida, Butler (+1), St. Mary’s (-1), St. Bonaveture (+1)

10 Seeds-  Providence, Va. Tech, Miami (-1), Kansas St. (+1)

11 Seeds-  Middle Tennessee St., Texas, NC State, UCLA (NEW), Oklahoma (-5)

12 Seeds- Loyola Chicago, Buffalo,  Washington (NEW), New Mexico St., USC (NEW)

13 Seeds- Murray St., La. Lafeyette, Vermont, E Tennessee St

14 Seeds-  Montana, Northern Kentucky, Charleston, South Dakota St.

15 Seeds- Florida Gulf Coast, Bucknell, Rider, UC Santa Barbara

16 Seeds- Savannah St., Prairie View A&M, Wagner, Winthrop, Penn, Stephen F. Austin