Bracketology Week 15

What a crazy Saturday. A ton of upsets, and bubble changing games. No one wants to be the fourth #1 seed it seems. Villanova, Virginia and Xavier seem to have put a stranglehold on the top 3. Kansas takes the last spot for me being 10-4 against tier 1 teams. Houston skyrocketed up my charts. Their record vs. the top two tiers 5-3 and 2-0, is impressive. We will see what the committee does with their one bad loss.

IN: St. Bonaventure, Syracuse, and Baylor

OUT: USC, Washington, and UCLA

Last Four In: Syracuse, Baylor, NC State, Texas

Last Four Out: UCLA, USC, Washington, Nebraska

1 Seeds-  Villanova, VirginiaXavier, Kansas (+1)

2 Seeds- Auburn, Duke, Cincinnati, UNC (+1)

3 Seeds- Texas Tech, Michigan St., Clemson, Purdue (-2)

4 Seeds-  Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio St., Rhode Island (+1)

5 Seeds-  Gonzaga, Wichita St., Houston (+4), West Virginia (-1)

6 Seeds- NevadaKentucky (+2), Oklahoma (-1), Texas A&M (+1)

7 Seeds- Arizona St. (+1), Florida St., Creighton (-1), Missouri (+1)

8 Seeds- Seton Hall, Alabama, St. Mary’s (-2), TCU (+1)

9 Seeds- Michigan, Arkansas, Florida (-3), Miami (-2)

10 Seeds-  Providence, Va. Tech, St. Bonaventure (NEW), Butler (-1)

11 Seeds-  Middle Tennessee St., Kansas St., Louisville (-1), Texas (+1), NC State (+1)

12 Seeds- Loyola Chicago, Buffalo (+1),  Baylor (NEW), New Mexico St. (-1), Syracuse (NEW)

13 Seeds- Murray St., La. Lafeyette, Vermont (-1), E Tennessee St

14 Seeds-  Montana, Northern Kentucky, Charleston, South Dakota St.

15 Seeds- Florida Gulf Coast, Bucknell, Rider, UC Santa Barbara

16 Seeds- Savannah St., Prairie View A&M, Wagner, Winthrop, Penn, Stephen F. Austin


Bracketology Week 14 Update

Now that we are getting closer, I’m going to try and do two updates a week. Nevada getting a win @Boise St. really strengthens their case, and all but crushes Boise St.’s chances. I think they have to win the conference tournament to get in. Providence, Florida St., and Missouri all had big wins as well. The only change in the top 16 I have is West Virginia leap frogging Oklahoma.

IN: Grambling St., Savannah St., Winthrop

OUT: Texas Southern, North Carolina AT&T, UNC-Asheville

Last Four In: Kansas St., Baylor, NC State, and UCLA

Last Four Out: Texas, Syracuse,

1 Seeds-  Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, Xavier

2 Seeds- Auburn, Duke, Cincinnati, Kansas

3 Seeds- Texas Tech, Michigan St., Clemson, UNC

4 Seeds-  Arizona, Ohio St., Tennessee, West Virginia (+1)

5 Seeds-  Oklahoma (-1), Rhode Island, Gonzaga, Wichita St.

6 Seeds- NevadaSt. Mary’s, Florida, Creighton

7 Seeds- Miami, Texas A&M (+1), Arizona St. (+1), Florida St. (+1)

8 Seeds- Kentucky (-1), Seton Hall (-1), Alabama, Missouri (+1)

9 Seeds- Michigan (-1), TCU, Butler (-2), Arkansas (+2)

10 Seeds-  Louisville, Houston, Providence (+1), Va. Tech (+1)

11 Seeds-  Washington, Middle Tennessee St. (-2), New Mexico St. (-2), UCLA (+1), Kansas St. (+1)

12 Seeds- Loyola Chicago, Vermont (+1), Texas (-2), NC State, USC (-1)

13 Seeds- Murray St., La. Lafeyette (-1), Buffalo, E Tennessee St

14 Seeds-  Montana, Northern Kentucky, Charleston, South Dakota St.

15 Seeds- Florida Gulf Coast, Bucknell, Rider, UC Santa Barbara (+1)

16 Seeds- Savannah St. (NEW), Grambling St. (NEW),  Wagner, Winthrop (NEW), Penn (-1), Stephen F. Austin (-1)

Week 14 Bracketology

I will use the reveal for the top 4 seed lines. Committee was pretty close to what everyone thought. Oklahoma on the 4 line was debatable, but we have a long way to go. Clemson @ FSU, TCU @ WVU, Nevada @ Boise St., Cincinnati @ Houston, Villanova @ Xavier, and UNC @ Louisville highlight this week’s slate of games.


OUT: Boise St.

Last Four In: NC State, UCLA, Kansas St. and Washington

Last Four Out: Syracuse, Marquette, Mississippi St., Boise St.

1 Seeds-  Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, Xavier (+1)

2 Seeds- Auburn, Duke, Cincinnati (-1), Kansas (+1)

3 Seeds- Texas Tech, Michigan St. (-1), Clemson (+1), UNC (+2)

4 Seeds-  Arizona, Ohio St., Tennessee, Oklahoma (+1)

5 Seeds-  West Virginia, Rhode Island, Gonzaga (-2), Wichita St. (+1)

6 Seeds- Nevada, St. Mary’s (-3), Creighton (+1), Seton Hall (+2)

7 Seeds- Kentucky, Butler, Miami (-1), Florida (+3)

8 Seeds- Michigan (-2), Arizona St., Texas A&M (+1), Florida St. (-1)

9 Seeds- Missouri (+2), New Mexico St., Middle Tennesee St. (-1), TCU (-1)

10 Seeds-  Louisville  (-1), Texas, Houston (-1), Alabama (+1),

11 Seeds-  Va. Tech, USC, Providence, Washington (-1), Arkansas (+1)

12 Seeds- Loyola Chicago, La. Lafeyette, Kansas St., UCLA (NEW), NC State (-2)

13 Seeds- Murray St., Vermont, Buffalo, E Tennessee St

14 Seeds-  Montana, Northern Kentucky, Charleston, South Dakota St. (+1)

15 Seeds- Florida Gulf Coast, Bucknell (-1), Stephen F Austin (-1), Rider

16 Seeds- North Carolina A&T, Texas Southern,  Wagner, UNC-Asheville, UC Santa Barbara, Penn (-1)

First 16 Reveal

My guesses for today’s top 16 reveal.

1- Villanova, Virginia, Xavier, and Cincinnati

-The first 3 were easy. That fourth spot is totally up for grabs. Could go about 5 different ways. If Purdue would have beat Michigan St. it would have been them. Michigan St. just doesn’t have enough quality wins for me.

2- Duke, Kansas, Purdue, and Texas Tech

Texas Tech could be a 1, or could be a 3, it really depends on what metrics the committee is using. Duke and Kansas have the top 50 wins to put them on the 2 line and Purdue has been great, despite going 0-2 this week. The Big 10 being down hurts their shot at a 1.

3- Michigan St., Auburn, Clemson, and UNC

Michigan St. got a big win yesterday. Without it I had them as borderline not being in the top 16 despite the great W-L record. Auburn, and Clemson both have good records but need a few more top 50 wins. UNC helped themselves getting a big top 50 win against Duke.

4- Tennessee, Gonzaga, Ohio St. and Arizona

Ohio St. might have the biggest turn around since the season started. They weren’t even in my bracket after the first month. Again a weak Big 10 has hurt their seed. Gonzaga gets into the 4 line with Oklahoma and WVU losing yesterday and Bulldogs getting a win against St. Mary’s. I see them dropping out of the top 16 by season’s end, as other school get a lot more chances to add quality wins. Arizona is the big question mark for me. This last spot could go a number of different ways. Rhode Island fans would like a spot but they lack enough quality wins to get a top 16 spot.

First 2 out West Virginia, and Oklahoma

Bracketology Week 13

It looks like it is Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, and everyone else. These 3 look like for sure #1 seeds, but no one else is separating themselves from the field. Kansas St. and Florida both dropped 4 spots this week. Bubble watch is getting a little more exciting as every bad loss is now under a microscope. Purdue has a tough week against Ohio St. and @Michigan. They get to see what it would be like to play in the Big 12 or SEC where every week is tough.

IN: NC State, Missouri, Washington, Providence, Wagner, UNC Asheville, Penn, Rider

OUT: Notre Dame, Marquette, Syracuse

Last Four In: Boise St, Arkansas, Kansas St., Providence

Last Four Out: Notre Dame, Syracuse, Maryland, SMU


1 Seeds-  Villanova, Virginia, Purdue, Cincinnati (+1)

2 Seeds- Michigan St., Auburn (+1), Xavier, Duke

3 Seeds- Texas Tech, Gonzaga, Kansas (-1), St. Mary’s (+1)

4 Seeds-  Arizona (-1), Ohio St., Clemson (+1), Tennessee (+1)

5 Seeds-  UNC, West Virginia (-1), Oklahoma (-1), Rhode Island (+1)

6 Seeds- Nevada, Wichita St. (-1), Michigan (+1), Miami (+2)

7 Seeds- Florida St., Creighton, Kentucky (-1), Butler (+2)

8 Seeds- TCU, Seton Hall, Arizona St. (-1), Middle Tennessee St. (+2)

9 Seeds- Louisville, Houston, New Mexico St., Texas A&M (+1)

10 Seeds-  NC State (NEW), Texas (+1), Washington (NEW), Florida (-4)

11 Seeds-  Alabama, Va. Tech, USC, Providence (NEW), Missouri (NEW)

12 Seeds- Loyola Chicago, La. Lafeyette, Arkansas (-2), Kansas St. (-4), Boise St. (+1),

13 Seeds- Murray St., East Tennessee St. (-1), Vermont, Buffalo

14 Seeds-  Bucknell, Stephen F. Austin, Montana, Northern Kentucky (-1)

15 Seeds- Rider (NEW), Penn (NEW), South Dakota St., Florida Gulf Coast

16 Seeds- North Carolina A&T, Texas Southern,  Wagner (NEW), UNC-Asheville (NEW), UC Santa Barbara, Northeastern